Junior Non-Fiction


Title: The Stone Age

Author: Marcia Williams

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Title: Azaria: A True History

Author: Maree Coote

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Title: Playing With Collage
Author: Jeannie Baker

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Title: Nganga
Author: Aunty Fay Muir and Sue Lawson

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Title: Rock Pool Secrets
Author/Illustrator: Narelle Oliver

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Title: Amazing Australians in their Flying Machines
Author: Prue and Kerry Mason
Illustrator: Tom Jellett

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Title: Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie Letter
Author/Illustrator: Carole Wilkinson/Dean Jones


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Title: A World of Information
Author: Richard Platt
Illustrator: James Brown

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Title: Our Stories: Sportsmanship
Author: Net Brennan

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Title: Our Stories: Life in Colonial Australia
Author: Marion Littlejohn and Doug Bradby
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