Title: Glassheart

Author: Katharine Orton

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Title: Small Spaces
Author: Sarah Epstein

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Title: The Mulberry Tree
Author: Allison Rushby

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9780763656133 who killed christopher

Title: Who Killed Christopher Goodman?
Author: Allan Wolf

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Title: Splinter
Author: Sasha Dawn

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Title: The Turnkey
Author: Allison Rushby

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The Name at the End of the Ladder, Elena de Roo

Title: The Name at the End of the Ladder
Author: Elena de Roo

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Ophelia Wild, Deadly Detective, Elena de Roo and Tracy DuncanTitle: Ophelia Wild, Deadly Detective
Author: Elena de Roo
Illustrator: Tracy Duncan

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Bad Grammar, by Nathan Luff

Title: Bad Grammar

Author: Nathan Luff

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